Wholesale Program

Before you submit this form, you should ask yourself a few questions.

Do you want to be your own boss?
Do you want to decide what hours you want to work and for how long?
Do you have the motivation to start your own business?
Are you willing to put in the time and effort to run your own business?

If the answer to all of these questions is yes, you have come to the right place. Our wholesale program will allow you to start up your own retail business. Here you will get access to all of our great products at a discounted rate. This program is perfect for people who are on a tight budget and those who want to work from home. There is NO membership fee or dues that you must pay to Marcie's Gifts in order to be a distributor of the products we carry. The distributor application can be filled out here.

In order to be considered as a distributor, you must have a federal tax id (EIN). This can be obtained for FREE from http://www.irs.gov. If you are still not sure about what is involved in starting your own retail business, you may fill out the form below and ask us any questions you might have.

We do have a wholesale kit that you may purchase but this is by no means mandatory. It has all of the materials you will need to get started as a distributor(catalogs, billing invoices, membership brochure, etc...). Our wholesale kit can be purchased from here.

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